Reno, Nevada, California USA Bartering

In first half of June i will bring a few baltic porters for barters (top 50 of category)
Pinta Imperator Bałtycki
Trzech Kumpli Ragnar
Kormoran Porter Warminski
Fortuna Komes Porter Baltycki
Fortuna Komes Porter Bałtycki Płatki Dębowe
Lodzkie Porter
Some lambics from Cantillon, 3 fontein
Kormoran Imperium Prunum (if you offer something special)
I will be in Reno, Nevada for about 3 months and then i will slowly go east in 3 weeks.

Hit me up while you’re here - I’ll show ya around and share some goodies.
Facebook message me (Chris Badolato) as I don’t check the forums all too often.