REQUEST - a checkbox if a Place is cash-only

From my experience, despite cards seeming or being nearly ubiquitous in some areas, a lot of places, even surprising ones (fancy etc.), are cash-only in a large part of the world. This can be a problem for beer travelers, suddenly faced with a cash-only bill and only having a card at the ready. I suggest a marker (like wi-fi etc. have or should have) for Places marking a cash-only place and adding a related checkbox to the edit pages.


Seriously ??? there is lot of checkboxes already as you mentioned for wi-fi etc.
First lets state yes it would nice to have that info, but, but but but but.
Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody cares about maintaining that info as far as I have seen, and for sure not a cahs only box.
Save us from this crew of usless developers to screw up another 5 things while adding another checkbox into the tables, views and forms.
It is hard enough for admins to follwo up on alias ABV corrections, retred beers and more allready and now you want them to follow up on Cash only. Better to tell users to use glasses before they enter and see if they take card or cash only you will never manage to get that info valuable.

Thank you for your opinion.

Yours truly,

I think the point is this isn’t that hard to maintain because these aren’t the majority of places. And it should be an easy enough thing to add (without breaking a million other things, heh).

I make a point of writing if a place doesn’t take cards when reviewing places.

But really, the smartest thing would be to make places editable to users with a certain number of ratings. Although this will probably never happen given the direction the site is going in. Oh well.

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We all do have our dreams and hops.
But to expect they manage without breaking anything. Even an simple issue like this to expand a table with one field. I would not put my expectations to high. They can manage to learn to count first i.e. ref numbers of beer on brewery pages. And fix bugs first before produce new ones.