REQUEST - Ability to link a place to multiple breweries

In real life, situations where two breweries are connected somehow to a place definitely exist, joint tap-rooms for example etc. And right now, we can’t reflect that properly - only having to pick one, which isn’t great. So… we kinda “need” that ability. Should be useful for people visiting those places etc.


An example from the UK:

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@joet @services

How doable is this.

An interesting question. I know that right now, this is doable but potentially hairy. @services, is it time to add an associative table that connects producers and locations and do away with column identifier?

In a similar way we might need to start thinking about this as a model for how we consider collaborative beers that have two or more collaborators?

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@joet It’s definitely something that needs some thought around it… Along with how we name beers too (i.e. removing the brewer name from the beer).

Why would we do away with brewer names there? Apart from “Untappd does that”?

If the Search can find both BREWER NAME + BEER NAME fields (not yet working) and display both the BREWER NAME + BEER NAME in the results (already working), why not? This would make beer names way shorter.
IMO, the beer names are way too long when you have to include the brewer name in it (even worse because of the stupid auto include brewer name shortcut mess), it makes the beer name look like shit most of the time (multilines).

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I don’t agree with changing the format to remove brewery names. It’s one of negative features of Untappd. I can usually find the beer I want here within second weather by name or thru brewery page if complicated. Untappd it’s near impossible with some of the names being so common.

Yeah but for common names, you have to write the brewer name anyway to find the good beer from the good brewer. So what’s the different if the search results includes both fields?
The brewer name is right up the beer name in the search now. It’s almost the same thing than having the brewer name on the left of the beer name…

You’ll find the same results but the name will be shorter…

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Ya I agree, as long as search still works it doesn’t matter. I’d more love to see that collabs have teh secondary, or tertiary brewery involved added as a link.

AKA we currently do Other Half / Veil double dry hopped milkshake punch gosed pastry stout
But it would be good to just put the main brewery where it was brewed in the name and have the other brewery linked on the page. IE undernearth name, or in description, it would say “Collaboration with Veil” and have that as a link. (The veil brewery). Then on brewery pages maybe collabs is a separate section, or maybe not. Maybe just include the collabs with all the other beers? @services

I simply cannot wait to see this realized, with tens of thousands of names left butchered by whatever will be done automatically (if not hundreds of thousands), left to be edited by a diminishing amount of admins, a lot of whom will likely disagree with this happening and will have very little will to tackle this. I simply can’t wait to see how thousands on thousands upon thousands of exceptions will be handled.

This particular aspect should be very, very low on the priority list as it will only cause further fuckups in the database. Pile this onto existing problems and you have a huge problem.

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I agree this would require a lot of work to remove the Brewer name from the Beer name.
If only the admin script for change beer name in mass worked…

Actually, even when it worked it couldn’t be used to remove brewery names.Not without causing further issues that would need editing. And it was, if I remember correctly, all the way or zero. So imagine a beer having the same word as a brewery name. Which might as well be “hops”. What you’d get is all the beers with “hops” in the name suddenly losing that word. :slight_smile:

What I’m guessing is that they would use scripts to remove the names. Like, if they match the brewery names or whatever. That, however, would leave chaos in its wake - semi-removed names, inconsistencies and so on. Literally an insane amount of work.

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This makes me think that it would be a good feature to have “secondary names” available for brewers (but not displayed in the search.

For example when a brewer changes name… Without having to duplicate its entire beer listing or to butcher its name by including both names, just to find the Brewer.

We need that for different alphabets. And that would be a bigger priority than this.

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@services - no, do not remove the name of the brewer from the name. Please look at all comments above, which are all correct. There is no script that could be simply implemented that would work, especially as many breweries have customary naming proto. For example Grimm Artisanal Ales is the official name and the one that pops up when you add a beer, but every Grimm beer is just names Grimm Sumi Snow or Grimm Lambo Door. Seeing as there are so many exceptions and idiosyncrasies, it would be madness to attempt something like this with so little payoff.

Don’t worry if it is good for couple, it should be good for all the volunteer admin…it’s hard enough verifying these butchered name entry beers when you have brewery sometimes. Just the thought makes me want to do less and stop once I complete RateBeer.

I’m taking all these comments into consideration. I don’t believe a script could automate the process.

First I want to implement a way to assign multiple brewers to a beer and make that process easy.
Then I want to update search so it makes sure it searches with those multiple brewer names.

The changing of the beer name isn’t a priority right now vs. making the other fundamental changes.

Services @ RateBeer