REQUEST - ability to search for beers by typing in GTIN codes

Should, maybe, perhaps be simple to implement. A lot of people simply don’t have smartphones (yet) and can’t/don’t use the app. Sometimes, especially for beers whose labels are all in non-Latin script, deciphering things can be “impossible” for those people. GTIN codes are all they often have, and google doesn’t always help. A lot of beers like that in our database have GTIN codes assigned to them - which could / should be used by users to find them that way, as last resort.

Say, one user here couldn’t find a Japanese beer without relevant info in Latin on the label. I, with little to no more knowledge of Japanese than said user, had to use Gepir to get the Japanese name for the company, google it, and combine the brewery name I found with the beer style which was thankfully in Latin (it’s not always!) to find it. The GTIN was added to the beer entry - so, with this feature, this whole thing would’ve been a matter of a simple search, without someone having to jump around 2-3 different sites to find it in the end or asking people for explanation.

Maybe a sign “if the beer that was brought up doesn’t seem to match your query, please send in a correction” would perhaps decrease the number of false hits too.

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This used to be a working feature, but has stopped working, like many other things around here…


Actually still works from Advanced Search:

Search for 4538964133060, and you get:


Let’s just hope that this will help ensure that that feature is returned soon. We need it.

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