REQUEST Add a Collaboration Field in beer page

We need a COLLABORATION Field(s) in the Add/Edit beer page working in a similar way as contracted to entry (but with the option to add more than one).

Collabs SHOULD be listed in EVERY brewers page (as a separate tab), not just a single one (since it’s often brewed at multiple location anyway).

This is one of the most important feature missing right now with so many collabs now.

@joet @services @aww

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We agree and understand the value of this type of improvement that we identified ages ago. We have a lot to do very quickly and still very few developers so this one is in the long queue.

Is it still not possible to indicate collaborations? How does one indicate a collaboration between two or more brewers, and is then one able to directly go from the beer’s page to either of the brewers page?

Thank you!

It will be done, unsure when, but the devs have assured us it’s on the roadmap (the same request was brought up again behind the scenes, and a discussion is ongoing).

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Seeing how there are sites with this functionality it shouldn’t be that hard. Harder would be to change all names if collaborations no longer are needed in them.


Well, the names won’t need the change unless/until we lose breweries in the name altogether, which is a process that won’t be happening any time soon hopefully. And I dread the moment when/if we will be supposed to do that, unless Ratebeer regenerates a lively corpus of active admins.

Something that should be done and seems to be on hold indefinitely…