REQUEST Add Beer page possible improvements

  1. Split the ABV entry in half and put an half sized IBU entry next to it on the same line. They don’t need full width to be functional, even on mobile (eck, the UPC entry is an half-line entry right now…and need more numbers in it that the 2 others combined), and IBU should be naturally next to ABV.

  2. Move Contract Beer next to Brewery name.

  3. For admins, Put the Verified check somewhere on top please, or just make it follow the new Contract Beer check location as in #2 (same line one left, one right)
    (and why not making a permanent Unverified/Verified clickable label on top of every beer page instead of just a Verified one? You already have something similar in the Brewer’s page, the X/check before the beer name)

  4. Add a Beverage Type Entry in the listing that would filter the number of choices in the Style choices.

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Could it be possible that the screen “follows” the highlighted entry. When we are adding a beer using the mobile version, I’m typing things and it always get out of screen view…

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I see that the add beer page says “This is a contract brewer.” instead of In the Ratebeer database, client brewers are those who brew the beer at places not their own and the contract brewers are the breweries where those beers are brewed. So that’s wrong. Please change the checkbox sentence to “This is made at another brewery.” to be easy to understand to anyone.

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