REQUEST Advanced search on new homepage

Can we please have the Advanced Search link returned to the homepage? Its removal is one more inconvenience. Now I have to enter a search and only then click on the advanced search link (edit: and that link is only available on the desktop version, can’t see it anywhere on mobile).

Also, why does the homepage reccomend imperial stouts? It’s not my top rated, most rated or favourite style.


I don’t understand it either… Why recommending top beers or a beer style on the homepage instead of making it more community driven like showing My Local infos

For me, it was IPAs yesterday - my actual most rated style, so kudos. But it only came up with five, none of them local (=all american), three of them I’ve had before.

I also have a hard time remembering how to get to advanced search options.

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The app recommends me Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch. Guess I’ll give it a try. Anyone want to send me a bottle?

In seriousness, I imagine it’s because nobody is putting in the information of what’s available locally to me, except very occasionally me and obviously I’ve just had that beer so I don’t need it recommended. I guess the obvious recommendations in that case should just be the top rated local beers I’ve not rated? Even then, likelihood is I’ve not got access to it or I would have rated it.

Top beers don’t change daily too, neither top beers by styles, so as a user, each time I log in, I see the same recommandations. Instead of seeing what new beers got released, events in my area today, top trending beers in my area…

Yeah, the “Top Rated Beers Nearby” is pretty useless if you live in an area with very few users. Nearly all the top rated beers listed were ones that I had added and already rated.

Now I’m getting the old homepage again. Not sure if the new page has been pulled or it’s going to be like the new beer page, where you never knew when it would load instead of the old one.

Ok first of all I’m logged in and I’m from Quebec, Canada.

In the Top Rated Beers Nearby section, the first beer is ok (although not considered top rated at all), the second really isn’t Top rated at all, and the last 4 sure can’t be find nearby. … not to mention recommendations are made even if I already tried some of them… This section is a joke.

Next, I get 2 recommended Imperial Stouts (why this style over others? My favorite style on RB is IPAs) and they recommend 2 products that aren’t easily available unless I travel to USA or make a trade… IMO, another useless feature on the main page

Who decides to put those features on the main page? This page is the first page where people will see and make their first opinion of this website and you put some random top not-so-top-not-so-nearby beers and random top50 recommendations… That person really don’t understand the Beer Community or clearly just don’t give a damn…

@joet @services

Agreed. These are pretty worthless features. RB should be doing stuff that makes it look legit. When you are dropping bad stats on page one that is not a good look.

If you want to use the advanced search feature, just google “Ratebeer advanced search”. That’s what I did.

Of course, that shouldn’t be necessary. But that’s the state of things around here lately.

This new homepage is a dumpster fire. I absolutely hate everything about it. At first I thought my premium membership lapsed with all the garbage on it.

It’s pretty useless regardless in my opinion. I had bourbon BA Dark Lord on my feed. Yeah, let me just go to the store and pick that up.

Now, Sam Adams Summer Ale is on it. YaY!

Bump. Are there no plans to bring back advanced search?


Double bump. Trying to find this right now and can’t find it anywhere. Once hockey season is over, this will be even more critical

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Heh, it’s been almost a year now since I created this thread.

I find it by googling “RateBeer advanced search”

Here’s the link:

@joet any plans to bring the link to the advanced search back to the main page?

And yet I can find this thread complaining about it easier than the advanced search function…:rofl::rofl:

I’m finding it by doing a blank search (but not from the homepage).

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I access it via Latest Activity, then: