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REQUEST Android app: Take a Pic


Any chance adding a Pic of the beer will be added soon to the Android App so we can scan the code, add it to the beer and then add the picture all in one go…

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@Viper666 This would be to change the main image for the beer?


Yeah, right now, the only way to add a beer pic is with the website…And it is a painful process: Click “Add a Picture”, Click “Add a file”, select the Camera, Take a Pic, Select “Load File”, and once it’s loaded, you have to click the link that send you back to the main page, not even the beer page… and the pic is saved on the phone…

Instead it should be done like this: Click on the empty beer pic, select Add a pic, auto select camera, take a pic, confirm, auto load and auto redirect back to beer page…without the pic being saved on the phone

@joet @services @tjbiddle

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I have only seen beer pics on the new site that were taken and uploaded from the old site. Pity that.


I took pic recently and those picture are showing in the new layout so it still work…but the process is way too long…

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We are scheduling improvements for the coming quarter that address this need.