REQUEST Beer name character limit increase?

For the third time in as many days I’ve had to truncate the name of a beer as I’ve been unable to fit the stupidly long name in. Occasionally this is due to the brewer (looking at you Kees, Omnipollo, Alphabet, Evil Twin) using an entire sentence as a beer name, however, sometimes it’s legitimately impossible to fit a name in with large scale collaborations for example. I could only include half of the brewers in this latest one, instead chose to omit all of them in fairness.
The full name of this beer should be:
BrewDog / Northern Monk / Deya / Cloudwater / Magic Rock / Seventh Son / Stillwater Artisanal / The Bruery Eight-Bit
That’s a total of 116 characters long. So, until better support is given to us for adding collaborating breweries so we don’t have to include them in the beer name, is it possible to simply increase the character limit of the beer name as a workaround? I would suggest changing the database field type to VARCHAR(128) to allow for collabs like this.

But, you know how we add contract brewers? Why don’t you extend this feature to support collaborating breweries, allowing for multiple breweries to be added there? Then we wouldn’t need to write them all in the name. And an added benefit of this would be that collaborative beers could be shown on each of the brewer’s pages then instead of just the one who brewed it.

I also has this problem adding two Elusive beers recently…


I put the full name in the description field.

We never put in all the collaborators when there are more than three. I just list them under the main/first brewer and just mention 1 brewer name. In the description I put the rest of the brewers. Like there are that many people brewing anyway. It was just a big party, where the brewslave of the ‘main’ brewer puts in all the hard work and the ‘brewers’ are just getting drunk :wink:

Btw, I like this suggestion. I have been asking for years for this.


Yeah I use the description field to add all the detail too, it’s not a problem. Just saying it would be nice if we had proper functionality for collabs, especially with how frequent they’ve become in the last couple of years.

Must be close to about 50% of the beers I add these days are collabs, it’s crazy.

What about this for a beer name…

Bexar County His Bow Was In The Chancel Hung, His Last Good Bolt They Drave, Down To The Rocks, Its Measured Length, West Wood Fro’ The Grave, And Root And Bud The Shaft Put Forth, When Spring Returned Anon, It Grew A Tree, And Threw A Shade, Where Slept Staunch Little John

It was at the Nottingham beer festival back in 2013, might have broken the system.

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Well that beats the one I added earlier!

Kees / Alphabet You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy This Barley Wine And That’s Kind Of The Same Thing

Then you’re gonna love this brewery:

I love when I find their beers on tap in Amsterdam. Not because I love their beers (they’re okay, I guess), but because I love seeing how bars write their stupid fucking names :roll_eyes:

Wow, I don’t mind the odd silly name here and there, but a brewery naming ALL of their beers in such a way…? The things some breweries will do just for some extra likes on social media.

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I remember having to get creative to get this super group collab name to fit

I’ll offer “BFM Abbaye de Sant Bon-Chien Grand Cru (2016) - Ah que je roule sur la rivière avec ma Harley, de Jeannot Vocances” for this contest.

EDIT: Looks like I accidentally added this one with a typo. Should be “Saint” of course.

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3 Fonteinen Speling van het Lot I.ii: Nocturne Het Uur Van De Wolf / The Hour of the Wolf

was added as

Speling van het Lot I.ii: Nocturne Het Uur Van De Wolf / The Hour of the Wolf

by Werner himself. Didn’t take long until someone added

3 Fonteinen Speling van het Lot I.ii: The Hour of the Wolf

because they didn’t find the beer when looking for “3 Fonteinen Speling”.

So yeah, we definitely need a larger limit.