REQUEST Breweries / Styles / Tags links pinned to header of the site and Main page

The options accessible (mainly Breweries, Beer Styles, Beer Tags) on the Beer folder in the old style header should be pinned on the right of the new style header, including the RB Main Page.
Currently, those options can only be accessible “by mistake” when you run on a page using the old style…

Ratings / Community / Events / Breweries / Places / Events / Styles / Tags / My Profile
(and no need to call them Beer Tags and Beer styles, since Ciders and Mead stuff are in there too)

I’m pretty sure this is quite an easy one to one to fix too…

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Good feedback! Thank you.

Same should be done with the My Message, the link isn’t accessible in the new My Profile. Jesse from the staff contacted me and it took me 2 days to notice the Message notification after I saw it on an old page layout.

My Local too is missing from the new layout, must be accessed from the old page.

But I would prefer the all the My Local content to be part of the Main RB Page instead of those random Top rated beers nearby and Top 50 Beers (which are static infos that I don’t care from day to day).
What is new around me and what my local community & friends are doing seems more important.
When I want to see what is Top by style, top by place or Top 50, I specifically go to the Beer stats pages (which are also missing in the new layout header),

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Still missing…
@joet @services @aww

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Thank you. This is a known issue and an important one that we can’t forget.