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Request: Bring Back Bud Extra “B to the E”


Please bring back Bud Extra B to the E. This would be a nice gesture to the RateBeer community, particularly to “Other - Flavoured” beer fans such as myself.


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I think it is illegal to make these days… but as with RB swag, I suggest that each RB member with 100+ ratings have one mailed to his or her address. It is only fair.


I’m fairly sure they can make it in some plant outside US borders!


@services could you please look into brewing some B-to-the-E, possibly in a nation with little food and beverage oversight?


If not B to the E, perhaps Bud Dry?

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I liked Bud Dry but Rainier Dry was gooder .


what is b to the e and why would it be illegal?

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Red Bull Budweiser basically. Obama made caffeinated beer/malt likkas illegal. Thanks Obama.


Fuck yes


@joet, if Bud Extra and Bud Dry are not possible, my next choice would be a Paw Paw flavoured Bud-a-Rita.


If the source of the caffeine comes from natural coffee in a beer, it’s okay, eh?


That is my understanding, Willie.


Can we get a bump?

@services, have you convinced your boss to dust off the Bud Dry recipe yet?

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May I suggest putting in a consumer petition to the brand managers at Bud and Bud Lite? The RateBeer team doesn’t actually report to those folks at all, but a few of us might sign something suggesting a paw paw variant of Bud-A-Rita.