REQUEST / BUG Add beers to cellar/wants

Am I missing something or can we no longer add beers to our cellar and wants list? I can no longer seem to find any button or link to do so.

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? Inquiring minds want to know.

I solved it by using the old[beer ID] page

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If there are no “spots”, you can click on “Locate Sellers” to add it to your cellar:

If it has some availability information, you get something else instead, and this possibility goes away:

Another slap in the face from Ratebeer…


Yeah, again such a bullshit! Why are you doing this? If I look for a beer I want to see who maybe has it for trade and not which store maybe sells it (BTW: the information seems to be wrong for some beers - De Dolle Oerbier Special Reserva Purple Lable was only available in the first BeerSeekerBox, but there are 10 locations listed that should have it).

Remember that we members put in the data!

This is the problem I noticed. Once that button switches from Locate It to Find It the option to add it or see other users with it goes away. Big pain in the butt. I hope this gets fixed.

Sure. But for this beer: I added it some weeks ago and till today it got only one rating. So I cannot imagine that users added 10 places where this beer should be available. Looks like it was mixed with the distribution of another beer.

Lol Good Catch!
Anyway, instead of Find It Near you / Locate Sellers, it shoud be exactly like in the App: a Spotted This? Button which should always be visible by default.

Please make the app and website work the same way.

@joet @services

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Usually do not post in forums on this page however has anything been done about the “add to cellar” issue?Seems silly that between this and the search function on the app ive kinda given up. Is there a work around that i’m not seeing?

We have a work-in-progress to fix this + Add some further functionality.


Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to look more into this. Certainly a feature that I think benefits many of us. Looking forward to seeing how you revamp it.

Did this ever get resolved? Still waiting to enter a backlog of beer to my cellar

This is still in progress; I believe a feature or two is ahead of it on the schedule.

Really hope wants/haves on a single beer page will be back soon!

My silly work-around if I am already on the beer page:

  1. Click “…”, then “Add/Edit Barcodes”
  2. Click “Save Changes”
  3. Click “Back to beername
  4. You are now on the old beer page
  5. Click “+” symbol (as we used to do)
  6. Now you can click “+ add me” as you wish

Of course too many steps to do what you should be able to do with a few clicks…

For two days now, even the work around doesn’t work for me anymore. Any other ideas?

At least it doesn’t seem to work for all beers anymore, just managed to add another beer though.

My workaround is to go to the distribution page using the beer-ID for the different beers I wanna add, think it still works.


We will need that Cellar option back.

If it can be done to show when you search stuff, if you can make short notes (up to say 40 characters) how many beers you have, both public and private, that’d be fantastic.

Example of how it would work.

  • Go to the Dimwit IPA page, there’s a “Add to cellar” button. You get a popup or something with options “Number” / “Public Note” / “Private Note”. You got a six-pack, so it’s 6x, put a public note “can, 3 for trade” and a private note “fridge, share with Joe”. Then be taken to the My Cellar Page where beers are listed alphabetically (able to sort by name and bottle number). Edit and delete options at the end of each row.

  • Design-wise, put a “C” or a little icon (chest, shelf, whatever) that will pop up next to the beer name when you search for beers or view the brewery entry. The “Add to cellar” button on a beer entry changes to “In my cellar” with a link to the My Cellar page whn you add the beer.

Something like this? Doable? If no, why not?

If you’re worried about numbers, make it Premium-only for private notes and unlimited adds. Put a top limit (and just bottle/can numbers) for non-premies). Or something like that.

@joet @services @aww

And, of course @ anyone who has more ideas about the option.

This is the type of option that draws users.