REQUEST Check box & scores associated to Places in search

Due to, day by day, not only this site but also the APP are being updated; would possible to associate a “check box” for each ‘Place’ that has been already updated by each one of us? I mean in the same way as our Ratebeer Top 50 list, or sorting by styles,…

Do you mean, each place that has beer reviewed by you?

I mean soething like this

Of course ABV has not sense in the table. It’s only an example. and especifying if the “place” is a brewpub, taproom, restaurant, beershop, etc. From my point of view the address is not very important in this first page. In fact these data are available when clicking on the place…

PS: thanks Alex to answer me about my proposal I thought that there was nobody interested in it…

Your request has been raised dozen of times, and it’s one of the oldest I can remember; we used to have those checkmarks, then they disappeared during some page rework, and were never introduced again.
Does it sound familiar?

There was an argument that displaying checkmarks would have increased the interest of people in rating places.

Funny (or sad) thing is that we have a page with checkmarks, for example
but it’s available only for the 4 countries with subregions and it’s not by city, it’s by “area”; notice in the URL the number “3169”, that one is an ID that identifies an area, and “53” is a State/Province/County, in this case British Columbia.
As much as I can remember I didn’t manage to twist the URL and make it work for cities (e.g. Madrid) or countries (e.g. Spain).
Right now i don’t even know how I found the 3169.


Taking into account that this idea has been requested before without solution it’s seems to be that as @chriso said in another topic there is a huge pile of requestings and limited resources to deal with.

Sure!, I think so

Bump for showing scores in Search for Places. And checkbox in lists