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REQUEST Client Brewpub and Client Microbrewery


Any chance you could seperate those 2 types of Client Brewers? Client brewpub (who have their own recipes brewed by a contract brewer and on tap at their own pub) and Client microbrewery (who who have their own recipes brewed by a contract brewer and which are available in stores)



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So you know at first look that this brewer is a brewpub vs a microbrewery


IMO it is pointless to list a pub that has their brewed for them as a client brewer. I think they should be listed as brewed @ the physical brewer.

I would only allowed listings of client brewers when their beers are distribution. Otherwise we need to list every second bar as a brewer…

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Agree with Per here. It would defeat the definition of brewpub as well, where beers should be brewed on site imho.


I don’t know if this happens somewhere else in the world but in Quebec, laws often restrict news brewers to brew in their own equipment until they receive their permit even if the building is already opened to the public, which force them to brew somewhere else (often at different brewers) for a short period of time…
But still, they own the recipe and their beers are most of the time only available at their location…IMO this qualify them to be Client Brewer (but with a Bar profile in the Places until they brew locally).


Does it take long for them to get the permit? But yes, it does happen here in the Netherlands as well, or they have some larger batches contract brewed, but we still list them as a Brewpub. You can always have contract brewer mentioned when you add the beer, and when they finally have a license you remove the contract brewer.


It can take up to a year depending if they encounter problems.
Actually, I do list them as Client Brewer until they receive their permit, then I remove the contracted brew mention but in the Places, I list them as Bar until they start brewing on site, then I change them to Brewpub…this is why push for Client Brewpub :stuck_out_tongue:


I think the way you handle it now is the correct way. If we’d have a Client Brewpub option, it would be misused for bars with just one (probably re-labeled) house beer.


IMO the definition of a brewpub is a local that serves beers physically brewed on the location, without any transportation. A bar where recipes of beers are conceived is still only a bar.

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So if a brewpub has guest taps that would no longer be a brewpub by your definition?


How can you read that into my comment??
A brewpub may serve any item or drink. But if they don’t serve in-house brewed beers, it is not a brewpub.


The clue is in the name:)