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REQUEST - Comments on Breweries and Places

Currently Admins can add comments to breweries and places, as per the page for Two Cocks Brewery:

Is there a reason why this is limited to Admins? For instance I just added a Commissioner and it would seemingly make sense if I could have added a comments starting “Previously beers/ciders were added under the breweries/cideries at which they were produced but Muddy Wellies is a separate commissioner.”

Similarly I just added Saltbox SE1, a stand in Borough Market which only has one tap. However I added it because it is run by The Rake bar and combines pop up kitchens with themed beers (most of which is currently is canned/bottled). It would be really useful if I could have added that comment so that Admins and other users are not wondering why I added a random marker stall.

It isn’t supposed to be limited to admins, because the EDIT BREWER have a Description section and an Admin note section…
It’s just that we are still stuck with an Outdated ADD BREWER page in which they forgot to include both of those fields…

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