REQUEST Default beer picture linked to brewery pic/logo

Would it be possible to load the Brewery logo pic by default for every beers without pictures? This would be better than nothing at all (especially for beers available only on tap)


Immediatly that sounds like a good Idea.
To have the app display picture from Brewery if no picture on beer sunds good and can be usefull.
On secound hand that can make users more lazy and do not bother to load up more correct picture of beerlabels and we end up with a stack of beer with same picture, that might be more confusing than no picture.
@joet This need to be though through before concider implementing.


I say go for it. Users are already lazy enough as it is when it comes to adding pictures so I don’t think this will have any effect on that. Just change the phrasing beneath it on the beer page to something like “Have a better picture? Upload one” to make it clear that the beer would benefit from a proper picture.


That users are allready lazy enough was one of my main point in not doing that.
If you look at the labes for the breweries, many of them can easy be looked at as the beer label and that will make even less bother to upload.
If there is no picture then I beleve more will upload.


Many beers are from *Brewpubs" which almost never have a logo for beers. Having a default brewery logo would be a must for them. For the bottled beers, if they can put a clear *add a better beer picture logo", maybe it could work…

I’ve certainly seen quite a few breweries, albeit small ones, who have no pics of any of their beers up on their websites. For those, you would still have to snap a pic yourself or do an image search.
A few examples:

I do quite a bit of image searching…