REQUEST Deleting tags

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there isn’t any function to remove a tag, despite the link being called “Add/edit tags”. Every so often when entering tags I accidentally click the wrong tag. It would be nice to be able to remove tags that you add to a beer by accident.

If I click the add/edit tags, it opens the tags listing and right after the A-Z bar, I have the option to remove the existing tags for the beer. (even if it looks like you are about to delete the tag from the tag list :P)

I’m not seeing that. Then again, I’m not an admin.

must be an admin thingy :stuck_out_tongue:

I take the time to mention that the Tag listing just look awful (why not using a standard cleaner display?)
like this? with a sorting option (alphabetical, by style)

And having to reload screen between each letter makes it even worse…


I’m not an admin and I’m able to remove tags from beers. I think the problem is just that the link is hidden on the mobile site. What a stupid thing to remove. I’d love to hear their excuse for doing that.


You can say that again. Whenever I add a beer I always always tag all the hops used in it (particularly important for newer varieties), any adjuncts/fruits/etc, and if it was a collaboration, so there can often be quite a lot of tags to add. So many unnecessary page loads and extra load on the servers when doing this.
One clean page as you show would be far better, and (for the devs who see this) add each tag to a beer via an AJAX request to further reduce load and having the added benefit of making it much quicker for users to add tags.

Also, make it so the description of the beer is shown (I’m sure it used to be didn’t it?). I find I have to keep the beer page open in another tab because I can’t remember which hops or whatever were used.

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Not really sure what’s going on here. I can’t even remove tags on the desktop version of the site.

That’s strange. I just checked I could do it for a beer I just rated and it seems fine, and again I’m not an admin… so not sure what’s going on there either.

Weird. I just get the same screen as on mobile:

To add an extra level of bizarrity to this, I am an admin and I can’t remove tags. A higher level of admin than Viper666 and everything…

Tags from beers or tags in general?

Tags from beers.

I just did. Shrugs.

pardon my ignorance but what is the 1001 beers awfully long tag about? Does it really have its place? It’s a book reference thing? #keepitdescriptive

mmmh, that happens when you stop reading after the title :stuck_out_tongue: But is it such a best seller worldwide phenomenon that it deserve a tag? I know plenty of beer books too…

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I doubt it.