REQUEST Detailed pics vs Icon Pics for Brewers, Beers and Places

We really need to have 2 kind of profile pictures for beers, places and brewers.

  1. Detailed profile pics: the picture we see in the beer/brewer/place page that provided the most detailed info about the product/place. (like a bottle pic, the full logo of a place/brewer.

  2. Icon Search picture: the picture that represent the logo of the beer/brewer/place, that small picture that we see in the left side when doing search. Those pictures must essentially be a logo because we can’t see them correctly during the search (because they look too small or they won’t fit correctly.

Eck, we also could have a “default” icon picture for brewers so each of their beers without picture would have this default picture instead.

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Would it be better to use the Brewer logo/pic for the Beer Search Results instead of the actual Beer pic?

The Brewer logo normally looks alright as an icon pic both most of the beer pics don’t because the bottle/can pic is just too small for the icon pic (only the ones with beer logo pics look ok at that size). And non-bottled products often don’t even have logos to begin with so we have white RB glass logo everywhere…

The search page result would look more like the New Releases page which use the brewer logo for the new beers and is IMO is a very well made page from the old layout, shaming the new Search.

Here’s what the New Search would look like with brewer’s logo (yeah I’m that crazy…I entered brewer logo pic 1 by 1…)
Notice it also clearly separate beers when 2 brewers have the same name too…

The actual beer pic would still be viewable on the Beer page and on the front page. And why isn’t Abv, Beer Style and Country (name or flag) shown on the Beer results instead of having so much empty space again?

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