REQUEST Finding users by affinity

… and finding beers by affinity at the same time. A cool new feature would be to be able to compare beers in common with all users and refine according to close ratings in, for example, respective top 50. In that way, RB would tell me that user X or user Y have the same beers with similar high ratings. Whenever I appreciate very much a beer (more than 4,5/5), I look for users who rated as much as I did, and I often notice beers that I’m sure I would love. It helps me to go in a good direction. In such a site like LibraryThing, there is this feature (but only for the same books (no ratings)):

Then, I see, among all the readers, people with common tastes. It’s very useful. If someone, for the weighted part, has 202 books including 87 in common with me, there is a good chance that he owns books that I would like to read.

I don’t know how to implement that. And it takes several seconds to LibraryThing to show the results, as it is written here:


Generally having a feature that shows how many beers you have in common would be very cool.


It would be a very nice implementation, indeed. I would use it daily, for sure

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