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REQUEST Friends tab


Would it be possible to add a Friends tab to the app, similar to the website, so you can immediately see all the ratings by the people you follow?


We may have different opinions on the meaning of “immediate”, for example, are you ready to scroll pages and pages a-la-untappd?


I don’t think that’s the point? I was thinking of a Friends tab on the beer page itself, next to a sort by date, language, etc.


Sounds like you’d benefit from this too then. I mean you’ve just described the current problem with the Ratebeer app, you have a shitload of ratings to scroll through when viewing any given beer, unless it’s a new one with no ratings yet.

Untappd already solved this problem by only showing your friends ratings by default when you view a beer. So unless you have thousands of friends there won’t be much scrolling at all.
e.g. I see anywhere from 0 to 30 or so ratings when viewing a beer. This is much better than seeing 300000 ratings from random people. Granted, Ratebeer doesn’t have such figures but you get the point.

I agree with nathanvc this is a great idea and Ratebeer needs to follow suit and add a friends tab to beers so we can filter it down, just like we can already do on the Ratebeer website. I care much more about seeing my friends’ ratings of a particular beer than I do about random Ratebeer users I don’t know. I can’t do this on the app at all right now, which is just one more reason why I don’t use it. The website is still superior.


Hate to be that guy but use the browser on mobile. I don’t see why people use the app. RB is simple and easy to use on mobile browser and voila there’s your friends tab.


Yeah it’s still a valid suggestion though, I use the mobile site myself rather than the app.
I think people generally prefer using native apps when available, rather than a website. But releasing a mobile app that has nowhere near feature parity with the mobile website is a waste of time as you will greatly struggle with any meaningful adoption while better alternatives are available.

This is one of those small, simple, QoL improvements that would go a long way to getting users to actually use the app. Hopefully this would be just one part of a whole suite of improvements.


Amen! I used to love erikok’s Android app but the RB apps they released for iPhone blow so I just don’t use em.


The site’s owner posted just 15 minutes ago (January 2019) on a thread about a bug that exists from September 2018 that it will take a bit more to get fixed, imagine about implementing new features…


In your defence, I do use the browser for the friends tab on the website, but only because I HAVE to. I find the app quite lean and handy for a quick search when I’m in a store or a pub, but it’s annoying having to bother using the browser to check my friends’ ratings.
And all arguments against it left aside: this isn’t supposed to be rocket science, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:


I just don’t understand why the Creative team doesn’t put the sorting options for Ratings and Brewer’s Listing on the App as a priority…


I think we can all agree the app still has a long ways to go :smiley: