REQUEST : Get rid off sliders

Hey dev gurus! Have you tried to rate let’s say 100 beers in the field? Sliders suck. Just try eg to change place where you had the beer, save and then find that your 3.0 is 4.0. So, change sliders to some more usable solution. And yes, I rate via website. And yes, I am hc user.


Fully supported.
Get rid off the useless and timeconsuming sliders and back to old where you could just tab, number, tab, number.


For the moment and until further changes, on website version I suggest you to mouse click and use left/right arrows to get the right number.

works on i-phone as well - xpt rotating dial

the slider bars do suck, and slow down the user process.


The developers need to be realistic - the slider’s fine but this is a beer website. After a few beers it ceases to be fine.


They’re not even fine when I’m stone-cold sober.

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How often is that? :slight_smile: