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Sorry folks, but I need to open this up again. As much as I do believe that ticks and ratings are different, I’m getting a bit frustrated that I can’t even see the number a person gave a beer. Now we have profiles of friends who almost exclusively tick beers and we can’t even see what they’ve given the beer on the scale of 0-5. Just “non qualified”. Apart from that sounding a bit derogatory in my ears (am I the only one?), what’s the use of ticks, then? Ticks have been introduced. Now, apart from seeing who has had what, they add no value.


And they bother admins, bc we can’t delete or alias beers with ticks. Since they’re invisible, we can’t tell if a beer has them or who ticked them.


That’s a BIG reason to rethink them again.

To make a slightly controversial statement: I’d rather have them count towards the grand total of a beer than messing with the site without adding any value apart from “X has had Y but you can’t see if s/he even liked it”.

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Yeah im ok with Ticks, but they should be vissible.

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At least everyone should be able to toggle visibility, as we see on most if not all social media: no one / friends only / friends of friends / public

As I keep saying ticks should count as a a normal rating. RATINGS = REVIEWS (aka full review) + TICKS. Ratebeer need all ratings to be relevant right now.


I’d be keen as I’ve always used the tick function and rated a few beers along the way. I like the stats, even these are a bit hit and miss as I appear in some lists and not others.

I think it’s difficult to incorporate the old tick system (whole numbers only 1-5) in scores but the more granular 0.1 increments make it a lot better.

I can see the pros and cons of both sides. If it makes life easier then I’m happy!

They can keep the 0.5-5.0 bar system and add the AATPO tick to website (like the app). But in both case, make them public and and make them count

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I would like to add that we (admins at least) need to see ticks on the beer page, not just on the personal pages of raters. I have already deleted a few beers that appeared to have ticks, but only found that out after I nuked the beer entry. That’s not very nice if you want to facilitate ticking.

Ticks should be visible, I don’t see why they shouldn’t be.

BUT: In my opinion, they should not influence the score of a beer at all. They should not count towards the number of beers you’ve had from a brewery or any other total number. They should only reflect which beers you have had, and which score you gave them.

If you allow ticks to have the same influence to this site as ratings, you discourage rating too much. This is “Ratebeer”, not “Tickbeer” or UT. The opposite is true: We need to encourage rating by improving the user experience again. We don’t need thousands of people just ticking beers senselessly as there is already a platform serving that purpose. Get rid of the idea that we need to improve numbers by diminishing the quality of user’s contributions.

So make ticks visible, yes, but don’t increase their importance, please.

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Disagree, if we want to grow our userbase, and not slowly die off we need to make the site was useable as possible for all sort of reviewers

Make Rating easier, Weight Reviews more than ticks

But given that RB does even know about hundreds of beer on UT, we need more users even if somne of them are just ticking.

So Ticks shoudl def count towards your brewery count, theres really no justification for them not to,


Yeah but actually, the low numbers badly hurt the new brewers because they get empty listings and bad weighted average scores.
IMO, a person that ticked the beer a 3.8/5 without text should count as much in the beer score as the other guy that reviewed the beer 3.8/5 and saying the colour is blond, with a good smell, a good taste and a good look as text.
However, the Full Reviews should be the ones that are showcased in frontline since they are more useful to the other users thus still encouraging the review over the tick.

And taking myself as example, I fully reviewed over 3000 beers, then I switched to ticking and got over 3000 beer ticks that don’t count in the database, many of those beer entries still showing no rating at all even if I entered over 2000 of those entries…


I disagree with both of you. I believe that if entering a rating with the minimum amount of characters is too difficult for a potential user than this site is probably the wrong one for him because it doesn’t meet his demands. Not that he shouldn’t use this site in any way, but he should acknowledge that his way of rating beers is not appreciated by this site.

I don’t think that growing the user base by lowering the quality standards is the way to go, we should be aware of the fact that rating beers is a niche hobby for which there are not too many new potential users. The ones which like to dedicate in a reasonable way are welcome, but if you want your ticks counting towards the scores, feel free to use UT.

Simply put, don’t make RB a second UT, RB will just lose that game. And if I recall correctly, BA does already allow “ratings” without a review - in what way has this enhanced their ability to attract new users?

But hey, too much OT, this thread is about the ability to just see ticks which I absolutely support.

By you, If a beer has ZERO rating but a couple of Ticks, if i could see the average tick score thats usefull to me


For you guys that want the ticks to be counted in the average score or similar, you have to keep in mind that lots of users are using the tick function to keep a score of what they have already had and they are using either a 1/5 or a 5/5 with the old tick system or maybe just a random touch on the slider nowadays. That will affect scores of course.

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and thats understandable while its not being counted. But its Not the point of a tick.

I could easily score every beer 0.5 for anyone i know i have in my house but its not intended use

I think ticks should be visible but not counted. Unless you wanted to partition off a separate tick rating, though that might complicate things.

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Right now I can’t tell how high or low a friend scored a beer because he doesn’t like writing stuff up. Is he wrong on here? Well, then we should stop complaining about the database getting old and empty.

I think the difference in rating with a small-step system with various attributes and rating with a single slider is the main issue here. But it is not an issue that tickers bring to ratebeer, it is an issue that’s been opened up by introducing ticks to this site without ever thinking it through. This is the main bother, and no one cared for finding a good way to deal with this. Why not weigh ticks differently and explain that transparently, for example?

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Yeah, but that’s another bug that already need to be solved ASAP since it’s been mentioned many times, as well as bringing back a proper add/want list, but it’s not a reason not to count ticks :stuck_out_tongue:

The logic why I can see the tick score in my activity feed, when I follow someone, but not on their profile still puzzles me.