REQUEST Listing Tags by genre?

Could it be more useful to categorize Tags by genre?

For example:

Hop: Amarillo, Hop: Citra
Spice: Cinnamon, Spice: Cloves
Barrel: Whisky, Barrel: Rhum
Style: Gose, Style: NEIPA
Fruit: Apple…


Let’s shoot for the moon alphebetical and by genre.

If we’re fixing the tags page the thing I most want is the description back. I can never remember which five hop varieties it said and I have to flick back and double up the tabs and then I start to think why am I even doing this, does anybody use these, have i any real use, and then I tag the five hop varieties it said. I’d rather just tag the hops without the time wasting / crisis.


Yeah this would be a pretty nice feature. Tagging should really be improved and used more.

Yes! I tag a LOT. Always have to have several tabs open to check the description.

I’ve had the same thoughts but then I’m like, well, I use it myself, I rate for myself, who cares if I’m literally the only person using it? I like to check various tag pages from time to time just out of curiosity or for stats purposes. So I’d continue to tag even if no one else used them. Also it’s interesting to check less popular tags e.g. weird/rare styles or brand new hops.

Also as is evident from this thread, there’s at least some of us using tags.

Tags I frequently do:

  • hop varieties
  • fruits or other adjuncts
  • herbs and spices
  • collaboration
  • anniversary
  • non-standard or sub-styles e.g. “new england ipa” “milkshake ipa” “pastry stout” “double black ipa” “rye ipa” etc.
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I have asked for these improvements before (including tag groups). Instead tagging has been changed to so difficult (I have to click through alphabet to find auto recommendations, wtf?), that I don’t bother any more.

Tags could be really powerful feature if done right, but I don’t see this happening.

We could at least rename all possible TAGS for the moment by adding the Category in the name.

Azacca could become HOP Azacca
Cherry could become FRUIT Cherry
India dark lager could become STYLE India dark Lager
Rye Barrel to BARREL-AGING Rye
Buckwheat to GRAIN Buckwheat

We would just need to agree on possible easy Tag groupings like those stated above.

This way they would automatically be sorted together by genre, and sort of alphabetically too at the same time…and for the time being, it doesn’t need any Website modification (since bug corrections and finishing the new layout should be the priority anyway) except maybe changing their sorting layout vertically with all the same font size instead of the big uneven-sized clusterf$ck layout we have right now :stuck_out_tongue:

I would volunteer to help modify the whole thing.

@joet @services

I add a lot of beers to the database. I never add tags because I can’t do it at the same time as I add new beers.

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Of course, this is something that will need a lot of improvement…but for the moment, it’s an extra step just like adding a pic… but that would be a start in the good direction.

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Anyone has an opinion about that? Or I’ll just do it if no one gives a sh… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Executive action. My man.

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If you change the tag name there won’t be any suggestions

Could it be possible to put all tags in a single page and separate then by category (ex: Barrel Treatment) instead of alphanumeric folders? @joet @services

If you change the fonts of the tags to standard text (and 1 size only) and list them in 5-6 columns they wouldn’t take that much space on a single page so every suggestions would appear and it wouldn’t be the hell it is right now to add multiple tags, each time having to load a new screen…

It might be a good idea to make an overhaul of the tags at the same time than the styles changes, so admins could do both at the same time.

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You are right about that…I really didn’t think about that one…

so it’s the way they are displayed that much be changed then (1 page for them all).

welcome to the past, unfortunately
as usual, we made a change and we went backwards; we may add more tags because of more users, but definitively the activity per user is down, I can’t convince myself to memorize the description and to browse 27 pages; I tag beers only when the tag is very unique