REQUEST - move tags back to the right column for desktop users on beer page

EDIT: never mind they are now hidden in the read more section. Please make this a feature request to make them permanently visible on the right hand side again!

Please tell me this is a bug and not a feature removal. I use tags all the time, especially for hops and weird fruit/spice/herb adjuncts, also collaborations.

Just look at literally any beer, tags are no longer showing up anywhere on the page. This must have happened within the past hour as I was in the middle of tagging some beers when I noticed they no longer showed up. Thought it might be some weird cache issue but checked some older beers and nope, no tags anywhere.

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On mobile, you can still see it under About This Beer, clicking Read More.

At least we can now see City/Country information, and we’re able to Like (sigh) ratings…

CH303 beat me to it… it would be better if they weren’t hidden away under the Read More bit as I fear this will discourage use of them.

On the plus side, in addition to the return of country and region info (yay!), the pointless giant pictures of glasses have gone.

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Sorry should have mentioned in the first post. Talking about desktop website here, nothing to do with mobile. Tags used to be on the right hand side.

And they’re now in the read more section.

It seems they also sold their shares in the glassware business…

Would still prefer Tags to be always visible on the right side before the similar beers section.

At least, we get back the City and Country (no state/province/region?) which is a very good thing.

We can even like our own ratings. For those times when you are really proud of your rating :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that’s weird, I did check in the read more section but there was no tags there either. Just tried again and now I see them, so at least they are back. Thanks for the heads up.

Same. I very much dislike how they are hidden by default now as it means even less people are going to be using them. I’ve said it before that tagging is a powerful feature that I feel is very much under-utilised on Ratebeer, I can’t be the only one who makes use of them surely?

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Funny fact, I would rather use the tags to find similar beers than to have a Similar Beers space that I never even bother to look because they just seem forced, so random or useless to me (because I won’t be able to get them for example).


Yes! Similar Beers is currently a useless feature. I think both of us have suggested this before but it could work so much better if it was based off tags and user location. I don’t know about others but I tag literally every beer I rate if it’s not been tagged already, and every beer I add myself I will tag. Most common is tagging the hops used (if specified, which they usually are) and also fruits or other adjuncts added.

An actual example of how I’d see similar beers working… since the summer I’ve found that I’ve loved almost every beer I’ve drunk that had Bru-1 hops in it, it’s a relatively new hop so the tag doesn’t have too many beers at the moment. Sometimes I’ll search for other beers using this hop and check the tag page every now and then to see if there’s anything good I’ve missed. It would be great to see these beers appeared in the Similar Beers section when I’m rating a beer that shares that tag.
There’s plenty of other new hops cropping up too that seem interesting.

But it’s of course not limited to hops, there’s hundreds of tags. Adjuncts used in stouts… I LOVE vanilla so would love to see other beers with the vanilla tag appear in similar beers.

Also nice for stats of rarer styles that don’t have their own tag. If I want to see how many grisette’s I’ve had I can simply check the tag page. If I wanted to see how many fruited gose or Berliner weisse I’ve had or to find others I might like I can check their tags.


Totally agree with all the above about similar beers being linked to tags. However, what I’d love even more would be if you could add (preferably multiple) tags to an advanced search - so that you could for example found stouts brewed in the UK with vanilla AND coffee (even better if you could toggle between and/or/not in the middle of that - thus including, for example, vanilla and coffee but not liquorice, but that might be asking a bit much!).

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100% this. This would be a dream. Don’t think it’s too much to ask, this is exactly how I would envision tags evolving in the longer term. Not a top priority but certainly something that should be on the to-do list somewhere.

Yeah it should be the way to go…but actually the advanced search can only find 50 results in a prehistoric page, the tag takes hours to input to a beer and you can only search for 1 tag at a time. So we are not there yet, if ever :stuck_out_tongue:

Came here exactly to report the missing tag section, and to mention that the useless “similar beers” is still there :stuck_out_tongue:

probably, because it was asked already 6-8 years ago and nobody really cared