REQUEST My Favorites: Some Tweaks to make it useful

IMO MY FAVORITES is a useless feature right now. Since your favorites are probably the beers you rated the highest anyway right?

Here’s some tweaks that would make it instantly useful.

  1. Make it a regular extra folder in the user profile (instead of an entire new section).
    This way, the favorites could be sorted by date or name like the other folders and the search option would be available.
    Right now, Favorites are listed from newest to oldest save…without any search or sorting options which makes it pointless when you have a big favorite list (since each entry take an awful lot of space too).

  2. Add a clearly visible Heart Icon in the search page beer entry and in the brewer listing (just like the Rated Icon).

  3. Make the “My Favorite” available from all pages when I click on my profile (now it doesn’t always appear)

  4. Move it away from the edit button or at least add a confirm so we don’t put everything in our favorites by mistake.

Here you have it, just with those 4 tweaks, you change that feature from useless to very useful (like a new beer cellar option or want list for example) and the time used on working on that new feature (instead of correcting bugs) would at least mean something.

@tjbiddle @joet @services

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My Favorites? Apparently something else on this complex site I haven’t paid attention to.

As an admin, I use that feature a lot… since it’s 1mm away from the edit button on both mobile and website :stuck_out_tongue: I always click on it by mistake…

Dense me. I’m just not finding that (PC approach).

And suddenly it just popped up for me. I swear it was not showing up earlier this morning.

And now it has gone again. Looks like - IF - My Profile page shows my avatar a click on that gives My Favorites in the list - but if the Avatar is not on My Profile page, My Favorites is not a choice on the list - doesn’t show. Weird.

And it seems I’ve always missed this “feature”. I seem never to have saved a beer, and am still wondering why I would. Except that as a memory aid for beers to look for it might be good for helping my brain. :slight_smile: But if I can’t remember a beer to look for, I’ll not know what I missed! :grinning:

We still need at least some kind of sorting/search options for the listing of Favorites!!!