REQUEST "null Score" for Cellar Beers?

I stopped using the Add to Cellar option years ago because there is no quick way to see (in search or in the brewer listing) that you didn’t rated the beer but you have it in cellar (I’m sure I’m not the only one with 200+ beers in cellar…right guys? guys?) Now I use a 5-stars tick to identify a cellar beer (since there’s no better option available)

Could it be possible to make a new Cellar option (similar to the check mark for rated beers with a folder like rated /ticked beers) or something like a zero / no-score/ null tick that would show the beer in our private rating list?

@services @joet

Fully supported, I have been using the tick for various reasons for beer I have in house, planning, beer friends reserved for later tasting, Tasted but not registred in RB yet and more, now all this is screwed up. The use I had of the tick was great because I easy did see that I did not have to buy that for differenet reasons, and gave me an easy overview.

Could it be possible to use the ZERO score on the quick rating bar (on website and App) to act as a beer cellar?

It could appear in our personal rating but would show with an EMPTY SCORE (not 0/5) when shown as a Private Ratings so it wouldn’t impact the Beer score.

The Zero is already there on the bar… So why not use it to resolve the problem of 1/5 or 5/5 cellar ticking?