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Request - Offline Ratings


While I would consider the other two threads I’ve put forward of high importance, this is perhaps of slightly lesser, but would still be a much-cherished feature among a segment of users. It’s enough to say that people (who are still able) are using Eric Kok’s app just for this feature (!!!). And it’s a thing that makes a difference in social situations.

The fix / introduction would probably be partly related to the “disappearing ratings” fix. Text autosave in device memory that stays there until the text is uploaded. But it would also require beer entries to have “import” functions. So basically sortable “rating entries” sitting in limbo with the user being able to import them into an existing beer entry.

Not sure how clear I’m being and, yeah, this is probably harder to implement than the other two fixes…


Yes, this is the only thing stopping me from using the new app. Especially when I’m travelling I do all my rates offline, either on paper or in the old app, because I don’t usually have roaming data and I don’t generally ask for wifi if I can avoid it.