REQUEST Optimize My Favorites

Any chance you could optimize MY FAVORITES?

I find it a good “option” to create a wish list of beers I want in advance for an event or a single day pilgrimage (since we don’t have that elsewhere)

make it a normal scrollable list instead of that useless grid listing and possibly add all usual sorting options.

At least make it like Beer Search: single page 10 displayed and expandable by blocks of 10. Or greatly increase the number of displayed item per page (50 at least)… Right now there are displayed as multi pages, 8 per pages… This just sucks to find anything there if you have many favorites…

@joet @services @aww

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Yeah this is the custom lists requests. We were so close and it fell off the list. We definitely see the value.

I’d also like to see Favorites expanded so that one can manage favorite/followed brewers, styles, beers, places from one page.