REQUEST Places "kinds" Guidelines and adding a new kind of places

Could we have a more specific classification / guidelines for Places?
I also believe we should split Grocery Stores into 2 kinds (see below).


Food Store
Supermarkets / Grocery Store
Butcher shops
Sausages shops
Fruit & Vegetable market
Cheese shops

Bottle Shop
Dedicated Beer Stores
Liquor Stores
Dedicated Growler Station

Convenient Store (NEW)
Gas Stations
Convenient Stores

On-site Brewpub

On-site Brewery with Tap/Growler Room

Dedicated Tap Bar
Resto-Pub (is it only a Quebec term? more tap-oriented)
Off-Site Tap Room
Client Brewer “Brewpub”

food oriented and often more bottle-orientated

Oh and please add a filtering option for Place Results (for all specific kinds, not just grouped kinds) especially for the App.


Hah… we’d need stuff like:
-Hybrid store/bar
-Off-site taproom
-Draft beer to go store

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I have visited such an establishment today (sadly, only kvass offered), so I get it… but isn’t this a bit niche?

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This isn’t meant to be a separate place kind, I just wish they would be included in the Grocery Store description…just to clarify where to put them

I suspect that most people aren’t bothered if the beer comes from a sausage shop or a butcher’s. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a sausage shop.

Can I suggest:

Farm Shop

Farm shop at garden centre (within same building)

Farm shop at garden centre (in adjacent building)

Garden centre which stocks groceries but which does not have a farm shop.


In the village where I come from we have a fish ‘n’ chip shop/off-licence (but it only sells macro lagers, unfortunately).

draft beer to go would be a good checkmark to add

what is offsite taproom?

I would guess it’s like a brewpub but they don’t brew on the same site?

Yeah, I think he means like a brewery tasting room that doesn’t have any on-site brewing? No clue how common these are in other parts of the country but we have a good number of them here in San Diego. Typically you’ll have brewery+tasting room in a more industrial area, then a separate smaller tasting room in a higher rent neighborhood.

I believe we call them pubs in the UK;)


We still call them brewpub in Quebec. Some brewers have their beers brewed in a warehouse not opened to public and a bar with their beer exclusive to the place. Same for some client brewers who have a bar with their products exclusive to the place…

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We definitely would need at least to separate Gas stations and small convenient stores from Grocery stores / supermarket… Like most beer apps do

Well there is also Uetzinger Metzgerbräu, so that is at least two :wink: