REQUEST Places need a huge look overhaul

I’m not a Untappd fan but RB should learn from them at least in term of look.

How can this

match up with this…

RB should use a similar layout for the place infos, opening hours, details, URL, google map button, social media buttons, a clear Tap List button since RB don’t have their own Beer Venue.

You add to this a separate section with a clean Check-in button and a recent check-ins listing as well as a clean recent Beer spotting listing associated with that place.

They should only replace the right “Beer Menus” section from the Untappd page with the Place Reviews in the RB pages

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Well at least, the layout in the app is a good improvement over the website

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Ah, but thing is - Dépanneur Voisin (and hundreds?thousands? of others) have actually paid a very, very good amount of money for it to look like that, to show info that we provide for free. RB has never asked for money that could’ve been used for the (needed) visual overhaul. They bother well-visited places by phone to become verified venues quite persistently. Non-paying places are glorified foursquare without reviews (with certain upsides where there are active users).

Now that RB has a budget, things will definitely change visually once they get to it (quite sure they aren’t considered high priority), though I can’t wait to see which essential things the designers here take out of the picture and which irrelevant things put to the fore, and how much shouting at them will need to be done in the beginning, looking at the new beer page, the app etc… shudder

Ratebeer is not able to learnf from anything or anyone but themself.