REQUEST Places Page for City: 2 new tabs for a better display

Right now, especially on mobile web, the Places page for cities are a pain to work with because you have all the opened places, closed places and recent distribution for this city is listed on the same page (and on mobile, you have to scroll one after the other…just to reach the Add place/show map buttons)

It would be better of those 2 would come as extra tabs on the page, similar to the tab for closed brewers in a region breweries listing.

That way, you would have a total of 5 tabs
Opened Places (already there)
Closed Places (new)
Reviews (already there)
Recent Distribution
Map (already there)

At the same time, you could use the same format for closed places than for opened places (since they would be in different folders/tabs) instead of them looking as bad as they look right now…

Also, could you add the separate options for filter listings (in this page and in the maps)
Bottle Shop
Grocery Stores
Beer Stores
(and possibly Convenient stores apart too)

@joet @aww

ah i see. a tabbed presentation.
thanks for the feedback. I’ll have a look at what this would mean,.

Could it be done?
And At the same time, Closed place could use the new place page format instead of the ultra old out of business pages…


Could this also be done at region level? If I’m going in holiday somewhere I’d love to be able to find the best bottle shop in the region to get beers to take home. At present you can only see the top 10 venues of all types, meaning that I have to go through each individual village and town to find the bottle shops.

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@services @joet

And make it a priority, with world/Country Brewer pages and user pages to port on the new page format.

It’s already almost Autumn. I’m hoping by mid October we’ll have an opportunity to go over priorities. Thanks for kleeping track of these important items. It wioll helpo us prioritize for sure.