REQUEST Please please please get rid of that awful slider


I’m tired of having to delete accidental ratings and it’s ruining my experience of the site


I’ll bite. What slider is this of which you post?


It’s found whenever you go to a beer’s page on the mobile app. I would agree it is a nuisance. I’ve had to delete many accidental ratings due to it. Not a fan either.


Ah! For me things are fast enough I just use the web pages and not the app. I should probably learn tho in case I get into poor reception areas.


I got the slider on regular web when rating last night on mobile. But I just click “write full review” and it takes me to normal rating page. Yes extra click but not terribly troublesome.


I can’t log in on mobile anymore so this isn’t a problem for me.


How can you ask that? This slider is the ultimate collaboration between super user experience designer and hyper newbie programmer. Look at the colours, look at the design, look at the broken code it runs on! It is the future! Or should I say future is here?


It’s not the slider itself, just the fact you can’t avoid it and that you can accidentally rate a beer several times just by scrolling up or down the page. It’s just poorly designed at this stage. I get that new users might want to rate something easily but I doubt even they would want to accidentally give random beers random scores.


Major annoyance that’s on the website as well as I don’t use the app at all.


That slider is ok… but it definitely need a Confirm/Submit button. But it would be way better if it was exactly as the Android app.


Agreed with this. Just add a submit button - problem solved.


Needs a confirmation for sure.

Viewing a friends rating yesterday and next thing I know I’d ticked this beer 5.0.

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I saw a new user giving a rave review to a beer yesterday, but he’d rated it 0.5. I’m guessing the person hasn’t even realised the score he’s given it.

That tells @joet all he needs to know about how poorly this has been implemented. The irony of making it “easier” to onboard new users yet we have instances where even they don’t know what they’re doing.

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The beer screen layout changed on my mobile app today and ticked 2 beers as 5.0 without even realising! Have to agree, please get rid of the slider.


I also accidentaly gave out 5.0 when scrolling on mobile because of the slider. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Why can’t it work exactly like the RB android app? It work well with a confirm button, full AATPO and more compact. The experience should be similar in any platform!

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True that. I’d really like control c/control v in safari!!!

I just rated this, apparently…
Could someone delete it? And any chance the site could revert back to a place where adults might want to linger?

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I was going to start a thread ‘What Happened To The Sliding Rating Gadget?’

I thought it was a great idea, instead of being limited to choosing 3 or 4, I could select 3.75,
I did not know everyone was having problems with it.

The idea by itself is great…but really it need to work like the app…not a single touch rating like this…
A good start would be to make the slider minimized at first, so it doesn’t take all the place like it does now… and it you want to rate the beer, make it expand…this way, no mistake clicking