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REQUEST Raise the Brewer's page 200 beers cap to 500


Can you please remove the 200 beer cap on the brewer’s page (which prevent us to see the beers without an extra click on the link)… We’re in 2018, desktop computers and phones can manage large database now… This is really annoying…as an admin it’s a real pain…


So would this be a big deal to modify?
This cap is a living hell for admins at least…
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We’ll remove it when we redo the page but we haven’t gotten there yet. When we tried opening this up last we were hit with an army of bots that had substantial and negative effects on site performance, to put it super nicely. Until then, one more click. Sorry!


As long as you don’t make the +20 beers per scrolling like in the new search for the brewer’s beer listing with the future layout, I guess it’s not so bad…


Any chance you could rise the cap to something around 400-500?

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I read this thread today for the first time and didn’t realize immediately that the conversation happened last year!

If the page isn’t being redesigned now, can we also add the “add beer” to the second page?
When I’m adding multiple beers to a brewery I need to keep going back and forth because I can search only on the second page, but I can add beers only from the first page.


Could you raise it to 500?

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