Request: Regrouped beer styles

I’m registered here since end of May 2019. In the meantime I have rated nearly 800 beers.
And still, I’m overwhelmed by all the different beer styles, especially when there are just very slim differences between many of those styles.
But what did I see when I opened the “My year in beer” page? On the right side of the page the styles are regrouped, which makes the whole thing much more clear to me.
Why not use those regrouped styles in addition to the more detailled styles?

Are you referring to what is called “Style Groups”?


Yes, that is a weird thing that, I believe, is only used for My Year in Beer and Best Of. I am not sure whether you can normally access it on your profile while things are moving, but maybe someone else on the forum can prove me wrong?

The Style groups are basically a dead idea to group older styles into basic traditional styles. Many new styles fall into wrong Style Group right now…

However, their was a idea to group them into into Taste Dominance instead last year but it seems it fell flat.