REQUEST Separate Own Beers vs Contracted Beer in brewer's listing

Any chance you could list the beers brewed by the brewers before the beers brewed by/for in the brewer’s listing? and make it visible like before in the beer profile.

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Definitely this. And don’t count beers brewed for others in the total brew count.

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Of course, a brewer’s own beers used to be shown separately from the client/contract ones but this was lost in the redesign of an “improved” brewer page a while back. There were a lot of requests - including from myself - to reinstate it and I think at one stage Mike James said he’d take a look but nothing ever happened. I don’t know whether that’s becuse it was impossible to do with the new brewer page format or there was just a lack of will to implement it.

I don’t regard this as an enhancement but a fix of something that got broken (presumably unintentionally) by the redesign and fixing it should be a priority - it’s certainly not a good presentation when you have to scroll past a load of contract brews before you can view a brewer’s own beers.

However, as with many things that get broken by “improvements” round here, I wouldn’t hold your breath.



it’s already this way no?

And the same should be done with collaborations

Could it be done?
The Brewer’s beer listing was done this way in the past.

It could even be better if they could be in different Tabs rather than all in the same place.


Definitely would love to see this! With all the Gypsy brewers around nowadays some brewers entries are a mess.

So could this be possible to reinstate that like it was before?
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