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REQUEST Split Quebec by Regions


Any chance you could split Quebec by administrative regions (17 total), just like US States are. We have a large territory to cover and lots of town…

So it would look this way (right instead of left…)

or even better, separated by regions but with columns like this:


Are the US states not split by metropolitan areas - i.e cities? Smaller places are listed separately.

Funnily enough I find somewhat annoying when people split UK cities. It makes it more difficult to find places unless you know the local geography. In London the boundaries often overlap as it based on what person adding the place felt like including as the part of London.


For a large geography like Canadian provinces it’s definitively useful to group the cities/towns.

An occasional visitor can then focus just on the few towns around his destination, not 1000km away.

Just a warning, on the Texas page it reads “Region”, but in other cases we call them “metropolitan areas”, and usually “region” in RB slang is a State/Province/English county.
So, Quebec is already a region :wink:


Here’s what looks like Quebec regions. MONTREAL (all the island) and CAPITALE NATIONALE (Quebec city Grand Area) are region by themselves so equivalent of Metropolitan areas.


Making the list more organized / putting it in columns definitely makes sense. Not sure the regions works for anyone outside of the province works. In the UK for example I don’t know necessarily know which shire cities are in so it wouldn’t help me search.

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Yeah, that would probably be problematic for outsiders adding a new town to know where it is located… But again, it was done for Metropolitan areas (outsiders might not know it too) for us states so why not…


If I understand correctly you want suburbs organised by city? Or metropolitan area. That’s done as standard in the UK. Look at any bigger city and it’ll have suburbs listed separately. Even my local town Woking, also has Woking - Horsell and I belive Woking - West End listings as well as Woking. However I don’t think it’s that useful, you have to know which suburb is which, so no good unless you’re in a place you know. An admin can do this by editing the places.

And it would appear that only Montreal and Quebec City are big enough to warrant it?


In Quebec, we probably would have 2 Metropolitan areas that could be really worth it: Montreal Island, Quebec city and suburbs. 3 smaller areas also worth it would be Gatineau, Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières areas. The way it is listed in Belgium could work very well too. Bigger cities on the side and smaller city listed in clean columns… It hurts the eyes to look at the listing right now…


Crikey, we can’t get the powers that be to divide up whole countries at present let alone divide a region into further sub divisions. We should be pressing them to divide up the likes of Belgium, Australia, France etc.


I think is point is that it’s less about the divisions that the formatting as per the images. Even just columns would help.


It’s just the grouping of cities on the Quebec places page. No change is actually required in the database or on the Place itself.

All existing cities (with a Place) will be listed.
Therefore helping both locals and visitors.

If I’m going to “sometown” I will find it on the Quebec page, grouped under “someregion”.
If I’m interested in knowing which cities are near “sometown”, they will be all under the same group (region).

Of course I could also perform my vicinity search using the maps…