REQUEST "Top Rated Beers Nearby" AND "Top 50 Beers" need to change

For a Ratebeer’s session opening page, I think that both of these themes are way too much static. Why not use those 2 instead:

  1. Latest Beer Releases for the user own region.

  2. Latest beer reviews for the user own region.

Top 50 beers are great as well as top 50 beers nearby too, but this doesn’t mean they are easily available at the present time so this is not as relevant as new offerings and new ratings. Top beers lists have pages dedicated to them so they don’t need to be forced in users homepage.

And in Denmark it definately doesn´t show top rated beers nearby. One of the beer on the page is Tuborg Classic that is amongst the lowest rated danish beers.

Thanks for the feedback. We’re definitely going to be taking a look at this. This initial list was mostly just a first foray into the data and presentation. We hope to deliver a lot more interesting results here in the future.

Still an issue a week after @joet’s last update with the top rated beers nearby. Either that or I should be drinking more Miller Lite.

Can we hide this until it gets fixed?

Are you serious about the miller lite? can you make a screen grab?


I Guess I’ll have to go to drink at Bedondaine, all the best beers nearby are there… for the rest, everybody sees the same top 50 beers again and again…

Every so often the top rated beers nearby breaks for me too, and I get stuff like Lithuanian imperial pilsners, (which I happen to have rated) showing up. And they aren’t good ones.

Some top rated stuff right here

For me, it needed two arrow-clicks to find top rated stuff. I mean, Landgraf? Is that for shits and giggles?

The Top 50 is useless to me.

Yeah, I think it’s useless to most people because it is mostly made up of US beers that aren’t exactly widely distributed.

I’d prefer if it would show the top 50 in the user’s country instead.

“My local” should be what we see by default…more community driven and less static.

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It works for me, I got Heineken as the first beer and the rest have scores of 100 and decreasing. I have rated them all though except a Southampton Trappist IPA which I checked where it was to be found and the most recent rating was 5 years ago.
So I guess they should also take into account when the last rating was.