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REQUEST Uploading pictures


In the new UI, clicking the link to upload a beer picture now opens my Mail app. Okay, I attach my photo, send it off, and immediately get a “mailbox full” message. Is this me, or do I need to wait for the queue to get cleared up?

SOLVED Cannot add pictures, Choose File button not working (Chrome Win10)

You got to go to the page for actually rating a beer and upload the pic from there… yeah it is stupid, but it works that way.


The old way seems to work for place photos.


It´s not your problem only, it´s general problem. It works the “old” way, as @mansquito wrote.


Dont be so sure. Added pics for my last 2 rates. No pics yet! I’ll try again.


That gives me:
“The image “https://res.cloudinary.com/ratebeer/image/upload/w_250,c_limit/beer_545854.jpg” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.”
On this beer: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/b/545854/

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That’s screwed up too now??


Maybe our old system code is not happy with ultra modern cloud thingies. I think jpegs are often tinkered with for improvements.


Should be as easy as the Whatya drinkin thread!


Agree, but I think that’s the “new system”. The “old system” works the old way sometimes.


I don’t get why the link doesn’t just forward us to the old page - or a copy of the old page that works with the new one, whatever. That this is still a link to an email address probably riddled with spam (and thus, with a full inbox) is just a joke.

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Surprise! I did a beer yesterday. On a hunch after reading your post I went to edit. The old upload approach is there, and the system confirmed with my uploaded picture. So now it should be the “old normal” delay until the picture pops up with the beer. The current 2-way approach makes sense, if there’s a thought that no one should upload a picture til they’ve rated the beer.



Doesn’t work today.


The question is: do we want more beers with pictures or not? I usually buy bottles, add them, then store them until I drink them. If I were only to upload a picture when I rate, the beer would go pic-less for weeks. I also sometimes search for pictures for beers I am just casually looking up on here. If we were to go with said approach (which I guess is more of a circumstantial thing than strategy) I wouldn’t do that at all in many cases. I mean, sure, we can totally complicate things. Or we can go and make it easy for users, old an new, to participate in a meaningful way.

  • I do by no means assume you’re actually for said approach, but I still wanted to argue against it for the sake of it. :wink:

And if we wait til drinking we have capless bottles. But labels are really the important part, so not sure why we have two approaches.



Go there and click on the goblet

Pic pops up and I only put that pic in a very few hours ago

This new way may be better cause we get a really big pic to look at


Just did another from the edit page - pic didn’t show immediately


Just uploaded this picture a couple of minutes ago from the rating page and it’s already there.



just did one from the edit page and it came up from the white goblet in less than a minute



Picture does not appear immediately. Ussualy it takes from hour up to day or two.