Requesting recommendations for watching football and drinking beer this week in London

Hi guys, I’m visiting London for the first time since the 90’s (too young to drink then). I’m hoping to use the Champions League games Tues/Weds as an excuse to leave the wife/baby at home and check out some cool beer places. I know RB typically frowns on places with televisions/sports, but I’d love to watch some football and drink good beer. Any suggestions welcome.

Staying in Fitzrovia. Willing to public trans, walk, Uber or bike up to around 30 mins. Thanks!

ps. I haven’t done the trade thing in forever, but if someone really wanted something from the midwest (Chicago), I could maybe pack a bomber or two, depending how much space my wife gives me in the luggage.

I’d recommend the Dean Swift near Tower Bridge, decent beer range and has football on TV. Nice burgers as well. It’s on here. Can’t think of others off the top of my head that are excellent for beer and also show live football, though am sure there must be some.

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This is annoying me - recently one of the London pubs I follow on Twitter mentioned showing the football. Noticed it at the time as I was surprised that a more craft fo used place would show it. Can’t remember which one though. A Newcastle United supporting mate keeps mentioning a website that reccomends good pubs for NUFC away matches so I’ll ask him.

Finding decent places that show the football is always a challenge in the capital.

For something different you could try Six Yard Box at Elephant & Castle, it’s a small football pub in a shipping container and they have a larger outdoor screen for big matches: