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Rerates reorder ratings: not a good change


Apologies if this has come up before and I haven’t seen it.

It used to be that if you were the 4th rater of a beer and you rerated it after it had (say) 100 more ratings, your rating would stay 4th. That meant if you ordered ratings by date you could see what people who’d first tried and rated the beer thought and whether they subsequently changed their minds and how they explain it (I was a bit enthusiastic/ I was too timid/ wow I knew nothing then/ this used to be good and now is rubbish/ that was old, now I’ve had it fresh etc etc). Now it seems a rerate changes the rating’s date (and apparently erases dates!) and all this information is lost. Reading through others’ ratings is already harder to do, please don’t take this information away. Or is there a reason to to it this way that I’ve missed?


You are obviously considering your response.

If there is a reason why someone might want to have a rerate change the date you could make it optional, the way it is for place ratings. It would still be nice if the date of the original rating was preserved though.


So today I didn’t rerate a beer that has been brewed again for the first time in 7 years because of this issue.

I thought I might do a “quick add” of where I got it though - I seemed to be the only one who liked it last time but the local scene has caught up a bit. But the availability didn’t show up on the beer’s page, the venue’s page or the My Local page. So I won’t bother again.