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Rest in peace, Michael James

Very Sad news another great gone


Wow truly horrible. Another OG gone way too soon. Judging by his social media accounts he lived a very full life in his short 4 decades.


3/4 did a lot of work on this site that most people don’t know about. His contributions were legion. But I’ll remember him most just as a crazy beer lover just like all of us. He was really nice one on one and had a ton of knowledge.


Seeing this news this morning and am heart sick. Michael was an incredible person and will truly be missed.


Tonight all raise a glass to #michaeljames19792019


I have a Kellerbier chilling in the fridge as we speak!


Moscow mule count?

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I’m gonna drink 3/4 of my bottle of Avery Fimbulvvinter and drink the rest tomorrow.


These are shocking news… RIP! :disappointed:


I love you Mike! Thanks for getting me to take a second look at simple, pretty lagers like this.


Man, sorry to hear that. 3Fourths was a name I remember when I first got on the site 10 years ago. Sad news.

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Thanks for your post. I’m in the beer tour business. I knew Mike only through the internet, but we were friends. We shared lots great information about beer and Franconia. I was a fan of his awesome photography and passion for all things beer. I extend to you my heartfelt condolences for your loss. He shall be remembered. I hope you are well. Take care–Stu Stuart


3/4 was always 4/3 interesting. Only met him briefly, but fun and a great example of this site and the friendships it has helped build.
cheers john


Man, sorry to hear that

So sorry to hear about this. Mike James was an icon to me; An early influence, a member of the Rate Beer Hall Of Fame 2004 Class, someone I traded with numerous times on RB, a frequent and influential contributor to the forums, a guy who knew his coding and statistics, and someone I looked up to as a mentor. Life is so fucking fragile, and it hurts me so fucking bad to see great people like Mike pass away after BBB63 (Mike Maynard), but let’s all remember him and his contributions to RateBeer. Mike and I didn’t always agree, and we often tangled like two bulls in a ring, but we always ultimately saw each others’ position. Mike traded me my first New Glarus fruit beers back in June 2004. May he rest in peace, and he will always be in my thoughts.


Sad news. Just heard about it. Shows how out of touch we are these days.


Sad news. My memory of Michael was from his early days when you could post script in forums. He would make posts that looked like they came from other users and the posts would say all sorts of wacky stuff. For awhile everybody thought their accounts had been hacked. Later his programming skills help ratebeer immeasurably. Reading the user names in this forum topic brings back a lot of ratebeer memories and is a tribute to what he has meant to RB & its community.


Very sad indeed. Among all the things said, I’ll always remember him as someone that was an integral part of this community. For some people, you can see a part of their lives unfold through RB. He was one of those. RIP.

gy RB

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Such sad news to have gone so young. He was always a stand-up guy.

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