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Restaurant recommendations in Bruges and Brussels

In Brussels from December 1st through December 6th.

Would love some restaurant recommendations

The wife and I are definitely going to Nüetnigenough one night. Any other restaurants in Brussels or the surrounding area that are recommended. Does not have to be beer centric, just a really good restaurant. Also will be going to Bruges for one day so any good recommendations will be much appreciated.

Thank you



Check them out on the web (not ratebeer) - hopefully they will appear intriguing.

It’s been several years since I went but I quite liked Cambrinus in Brugges. Spinnekopke in Brussels. De Heeren Van Liedekerke is a short train ride from either Brussels or Brugges and was excellent.

But the walk from the station can be tricky - especially if one gets off at Liedekerke instead of Denderleeuw.

Haven’t been to this one in Bruges yet but I hear it’s good. They also have an interesting beer list. Basically a grill restaurant so you have to like meat.

If you like spare ribs, Ribs 'n Beer is a MUST. A reservation too, however.
Don’t be fooled by the ‘Beer’, you’ll find some good Trappists but nothing crafty.

Also, I don’t know if I’m kicking at an open door by saying this, but I’ve encountered people who got fooled by it: DON’T drink or eat at a restaurant on the market square, because it’s one big tourist trap.

Nuetniegenough (has more Alvinne beers than the brewery itself)
Moeder Lambic (not really a restaurant but you can eat something there too and lots of nice beers)
Brewdog (Burgers and Brewdog beers)

You might also mention “restaurant row” on the way to Delirium!

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