Reuben"s Brew UK - Adding Beers?

I’ve noticed that we have the first rating of a Reuben"s Brews UK beer. A 5.8% UK version but the rating has inevitably appeared under the 6.8% US version

I was going to add Reuben"s Brew UK as a new brewery but had second thoughts. The contact details listed on the website are for West Berks. There doesn’t appear to be a listing for them on Companies House so looks like some sort of licencing agreement is in place and they may well be a West Berks brand.

So set up a new brewery or just add then under West Berks?

(Incidentally one clue to West Berks’ financial woes is that they have set up a beer club - Beaconsfield and Buck - with of course fails to explicitly mention West Berks on its website. Looks a pretty poor offering- you get four different beers in pack of 8 or more. Reading between the lines, the beers may well be brewed at West Berks rather than at the breweries themselves.)

Just under West Berks.
Rumour is that Reubens may be the people to rescue West Berks Brewery anyway.