Richmond's 7 Hills Brewing closing - Jan 22nd

Not sure how many RVA folks get on here, but just saw this news:

Regretfully, after two and 1/2 wonderful years, 7 Hills Seafood & Brewing Company will be closing its doors on Monday , January 22, 2018. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us and we hope to see you one last time. Reservations are greatly appreciated. Thank you once again for your support.

Never went

Never heard

Went there once. The place was dead.

I guess that never changed.

Beer was OK, not exciting. Place was not exciting either. Made to RVA a few times after that trip and skipped them. They’d have been an OK brewery in many cities, but with the quality of the RVA beer scene, they fell through the cracks.

And yeah, looking at the reviews after mine, it appears that the beer and the customer service remained mediocre. Oh well. RVA is still a world class beer city and is in a city that could handle either a winter or a summer large gathering. Hint hint…

Oh wait I did go. Beer wasn’t great.