Riga centre

Gonna have a couple of hours in Riga on Sunday between flights. Are there are places worth visiting in the city centre? I want to drink some local stuff, and preferably not macro lagers.

Hi Mark, three years ago I was in Riga for a few hours. I visited Alus Seta - Lido, Runcis and Peter’s Brewhouse. All of them in the city centre.

Finally I was in Taka Bar; not located in the city centre but I think that the best one I could visit.


Thanks Jose!

There are plenty of bars worth a visit in the center. If you’re plan is to take the bus from airport to center and back, then you can just start from the market area and work your way to more distant places.


Cheers, very helpful.

+1 for Trompete and Miezis, real close to each other
+1 for Taka, and it’s very near Z. Enkurs, which is a brewpub that does flights.

Taxis are cheap. Staff are friendly and will order you a taxi to the next places while you finish your beers.


I don’t know Riga so don’t know if this is central but I do know they stock a huge range of Latvian breweries as they recently couriered 40 Latvian beers to me in UK including 30 new (to me) Latvian breweries and not a macro brew amongst them. Bottle shop / drink in.


Lauvas is a double-whammy - 4 taps, and you can sit in, and it has the widest selection of Latvian cans/bottles in town to take away (he has more fridges under the counter so more is readily drinkable than first appears). Definite +1 from me. First time I was there, I was meeting martinsh, and as usual we exchanged a few bottles from our domicile, but we liked the place so much we decided to give the owner/barman one too!

Not particularly central, but not so far from Taka/Enkurs or Labietis/Valmiermuiza.


If you want local Latvian small breweries then Lauvas Alus is THE place to go. After 3 visits I think I’ve finally got all the brwery ticks they can offer. Warning : if it’s a woman behind the bar, she speaks good english, if it’s a bloke, he doesn’t.