Rigged website

This website is rigged. As a proud Belgian I know for a fact that American beers CAN NOT be better than any kind of Belgian beer. No cap, straight fax.

Jonas out

Peace allemolle en fok ol die haters

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Rigged AF !!!

Totally agree.

For the record no one gives a crap about Monk beers and rotting sours anymore … the latter called Lamb Bicks I think.

Lager biers from Latvia are what people mainly care about now in the bier world.


No cap, straight fax.


Bit late, but I love the tune and the film!


Rigged for fonefan. Converts 400+ ticks to ratings in January 22’ that counts for 2021 total.


Time travelling Danish pints!

Is there no end to some peoples pursuit of notoriety?


What is all this?

No more simple explanation than all of the of users of the site conspiring to rate Yellow Bus more favorably than Chapeau Banana.


Jupiler is probably a better beer than that overpriced sugary dessertif that ranks no.1 on the site.