Rip bbb63

Many of you saw the thread from December that Mike had a heart attack and was in the ICU. He never came out of his coma and passed away yesterday.

Really sad news. RIP Mike.

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Sad news, that’s 2 Mikes we lost last week.

Mike was a big part of early Ratebeer, both online and in real life. I’m happy for the fun times we shared when our paths crossed at beer events and on travel.

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RIP Mike!! Sad news indeed!

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RIP, Mike. Enjoy every sandwich/beer! 7829scd

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fuck. thats shit news. mike was really nice to me, and appreciate the contact we had.

RIP Mike, we are losing to many of those that made this place what it is today and that were so present when I started out.

This one hurts. Mike was such an asset and ambassador for the SW Michigan beer community. His opinion was always an honest one, and I respected the hell out of it.

I’m going to miss running into him at the various Michiana breweries that we both frequented.

RIP brother.


Very sad to hear. I hadn’t met the man, but anyone ‘on the scene’ so early must have been a solid beer geek. To those of you who knew him, I’m sorry for your loss.


Prost, share a beverage in his honor. Life is too short for anything otherwise. A drink in his honor and a drink for those who knew him.


MIke was one of my first Ratebeer friends. We hung out many times, shared many beers, and his passing makes me very sad.


haven’t been checking the forums a lot, first time hearing about this. sad to hear.

who is the other Mike?

I guess I’ve been on this site long enough that this will be more likely as time goes on.

Way too young to pass away.
My condolences to his family and friends. :frowning:

RIP Old schooler.

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God damn. I was hoping for a better outcome. Best wishes to his friends, family, and crew. I’m glad to have met him 7 years ago. RIP. Too many people going way too young lately.

His profile pic is particularly poignant right now.


For those that knew Mike in person, he always had on a brewery shirt or a tie dye. In that spirit he will be wearing one of his favorite shirts for the visitation. If you are attending the visitation his sister Kim encourages you to wear your favorite brewery shirt or tie dye.