Road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver


Me and a friend are planning a 2 week road trip from San Francisco to Vancouver in June.

Which breweries and bars should we not miss on the way? Preferable along Hwy 101.


/ Peter

Russian River obviously, a full hour drive north from SF, across the Golden Gate. Nice trip and a really stellar place.

The beach at Pelican was pretty cool. Though you may have had your fill of beaches by the time you get there! Had some nice chowder and beer there too :slight_smile:

Safe to assume you are roadtripping to Vancouver, BC, and not Vancouver, WA? Once you get up to Seattle, stops at Beer Junction, Cloudburst, Holy Mountain, and Brouwers Cafe would all be well worth it. Definitely Beer Junction if you are looking for variety/bottles. Right off I5 about halfway between Seattle and Bellingham, you’ll find Skookum Brewing. Also a great stop. Really good beers. Bellingham has about a dozen breweries these days, so that’s a great place to take an extended break from traveling.

Vancouver beer scene exploded 5 years ago, and quality improved dramatically in the last 1-2 years.
The best that the city can offer are world class IPAs.
So get in touch when you are close to the date, for fresh updates.

To shortlist among ~40 breweries: Luppolo, Brassneck, Twin Sails. Since you are driving, look also for Four Winds on your way, it’s still decent (but less impressive than they used to).

If you want an idea of what you can find at pubs, have a look at the online menu at Alibi Room and St. Augustine’s.

The three best breweries are Twin Sails, Superflux, Boombox (the last 2 are client brewers).

If you want to do a brewery crawl, two areas of the city, East Van and Mt. Pleasant, have each a dozen of breweries and bars within walking distance.

If you want to do an IP trade for stuff that won’t be on the shelf send a mail.