Robot received after clicking on a selected brewer delivered from a brewer search. Android and Apple

Search for a brewer - get a returned list. Click on any brewer and get a Robot. This has been happening since yesterday to my knowledge and is still ongoing today. This is happening on both my android and apple phones. Works as it should on my Windows PC.

Would like some feedback please. If I can be bothered to report bugs, I hope you can guys can be bothered to feedback and let us know the score rather than just leave us hanging as has happened on other bug reports.

I had it as well. Just clear cookies/cache and should work :wink:

I would say try to log off and login again… Maybe it could resolve the issue.

Hi @madmitch76 , thanks for letting us know about this issue. The team is currently working on a fix.

Unfortunately this issue is affecting any logged in person who tries to navigate between “new” (eg the beer profile page) and “old” pages (eg the brewer page). This only affects users who visited the website over the weekend.

We have released a fix that will prevent any additional users being affected. We will have a fix for the people currently still affected by the issue later today.

To fix this issue before we release a fix in a few hours, you can log out and log in again, or clear your cookies. Sorry for the frustration caused by this issue.