Rules on ginger beer?


Out of interest, have the rules on entering ginger beers changed? I notice that Crabbies is now being rated, which I’m sure used to be an unrateable alcopop, plus the non-alcoholic Fentimans is also being rated.

What are the rules on this now?



Can I rate a pint glass of pork scratchings too?

The note on their Shandy states:

Editor’s note: allowed in the database as a historic exception from the 1% cut-off level for flavoured low-alcohol beers.

However this ginger beer appears to have only been added a year or so ago so guess it should be unratable?

From what I can remember they were not allowed because the drinks had not gone through the normal fermentation process, I believe it was added by recipe. I did see that there was a crabbies product being rated the other day. Not sure why but I haven’t had the time or interest to find out why.

I just went on to their website.

The shandy states that it features traditionally brewed beer.

The ginger beer is produced by fermenting ginger roots.However it’s worth noting that there is alreadya 4.0% ABV ginger beer which is unrateable.

The Crabbies one is less of a mystery. It’s a blend of their ginger filth with a Sadler’s beer:’s-ipa-with-alcoholic-ginger-beer/570850/

Incidentally, ‘ginger filth with a Sadler’s beer’ is one of my favourite XHamster clips.